My Family's Mean

Lyrics & Music © 2016 Amy Adler

I'm looking at the ages of my living family
I'm 29, my mom's 50, and Dad is 53
The median is 50, and the mean is 44
But if I added in my grandma, the mean would be much more.

My grandma, she is 80, and now our group has four
The median is different when we brought her aboard
When this happens, it's the halfway point between the middle folks
It's only 51.5, but the mean jumps up real close.

Let's try a bigger group now, let's add my cousins, too
They're 4, 13, and 16, 29, and 32
Since we added younger people to the group to calculate
Will the mean and median change much, what do you postulate?

Our new median is 29, much lower than the last
But the mean is now 34, it dropped, but not as fast
'Cause my grandma and my parents keep the mean declining slow
Yet more younger than the older, made the median drop down low.

When you have a group of people who are mostly young in age
The mean, it is affected by a few who are quite gray
Since the median is simply the middle of the crew
It doesn't change if Grandma were 100 or 82.