Box Plot

Lyric copyright by Alan Reifman
may sing to the tune of "Big Shot" (Billy Joel)

You've collected your data, and you want to see,
The major cuts, from the symbolic axe,
You see the median... the quartiles,
And the min, and the max,

Well, you can also make a marking,
For a special case,
If a point looks, too far away,
You can handle outliers, fine,
Right within your array,

And you can show it with a box plot, can't you?
Tukey's gift to help explore,
You show it with a box plot, don't you?
Such a graph, you can't ignore,

They illustrate dispersion, quicker,
The key cut-points, at a glance,
It gives you a descriptive picture,
It looks just like a kitten's whisker,