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Very Able to Know Each Variable

Very Able to Know Each Variable

by Larry Lesser

Suppose 50 people are randomly chosen
and asked "Do you fancy yogurt that's frozen?"
That 50 is viewed as the size of our sample;
not a variable's value, just for example.
What's one guy's answer? That's not rhetorical;
It's a variable that's categorical.

The way to view it, the way you can know:
Each person we surveyed says 'yes' or a 'no'.
Of course, you could tally each label's amounts
For a summ'ry statistic from each of the counts,
But that doesn't make the variable numerical
Each value's a category whose tallies are clerical.

So, a variable can be very able
To yield useful data in a nice table,
But we must assert categorically
Classification is importantly
Needed to work with variables well
To beat that curve that's shaped like a bell.