Standards for CAUSEweb/Merlot Statistics

The review criteria of CAUSEweb are intended to embody current pedagogical thought in statistics education. Our review criteria are intended to spur the development of materials that encourage active student engagement and stress conceptual understanding.

Quality of Content

  1. Does the item present valid concepts, models, and skills?
    1. Is the information presented by the item factually correct?
    2. Does the item use appropriate vocabulary?
    3. Does the information presented by the item follow generally accepted notation?
    4. Does the item encourage appropriate statistical practice?
    5. Does the item integrate graphics and multimedia when appropriate?
    6. Is the item organized consistently throughout?
  2. Does the item present educationally significant concepts, models, and skills?
    1. Does the item help develop conceptual understanding of statistics?
    2. Is the item non-trivial? Is the level of understanding obtained relative to the amount of time required?

Likely Effectiveness as a Teaching-Learning Tool

  1. Does the item's interactive/media-rich presentation improve the ability to teach and/or learn?
    1. Is the information presented in the item well written?
    2. Does the item provide clear/accurate instructions?
    3. Does the item have technical flaws that prevent use or inhibit learning?
  2. Can the item be readily integrated into a statistics course or curriculum?
    1. Does the item fit into standard presentation of statistics courses?
    2. Can the item be used with standard texts?
  3. Are the teaching-learning goals easy to identify?
  4. Is it easy to write constructive assignments for this item?
  5. Does the item promote and/or use effective learning strategies?
    1. Does the item promote active engagement?
    2. Does the item help develop critical thinking skills?
    3. Will the item promote student discovery?
  6. Can the learning be readily assessed?

Ease of Use

  1. How easy is the item to use for the first time?
  2. Does the item have a consistent feel and appearance?
  3. Does the item have clear instructions?
  4. Is the item convenient and inviting to use?
  5. Does the item provide an effective feedback mechanism?
  6. Can the item be used by individuals with a variety of backgrounds/technical skills?
  7. Is technical support necessary?
  8. Is the item limited by technical resources such as Internet connection speed or special plug-ins?