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Using Microcomputer Spreadsheet Programs To Teach Statistical Concepts

Klass, P. H.

The study provides: (1) a rationale for using microcomputer spreadsheet programs as teaching tools in applied statistics courses; (2) examples of one spreadsheet template--Analysis of Variance; (3) corresponding workbook exercises for the ANOVA template; and (4) results and discussion of how the exercises are used in an introductory statistics class. Twelve templates covered topics ranging from descriptive statistics to multiple regression, and a workbook provided problem sets for the microcomputer spreadsheet program. During the summer of 1987, two graduate-level introductory research methods and statistics classes pilot-tested and evaluated the templates and workbook. The templates and workbook were revised during fall 1987 based on student and instructor evaluations. The templates will be retested and reevaluated at the end of the spring 1988 semester. (Author)