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TEACH STAT: Teaching Statistics Grades 1-6 A Statewide Implementation Project

UNC Mathematics & Science Education Network
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill

This project combines a large-scale implementation plan with a plan for research and evaluation in statistics education to address teacher education needs in statistics for elementary teachers. The overall goal is: To develop and implement a comprehensive program to teach and to research the teaching and learning of statistics in the elementary grades (1 - 6) throughout the state of North Carolina. This includes: (a) Developing a statistics professional development curriculum designed for inservice education of elementary teachers. (b) Assisting elementary teachers in using statistics and data analysis as an organizing framework for the elementary mathematics curriculum and as a tool for integrating mathematics with other disciplines, particularly science and social studies. (3) Involving University and College faculty participating in TEACH-STAT as a Community of Research Practitioners (CORP) in school-based program evaluation and research.