Statistical Literacy in Data Revolution Era: Building Blocks and Instructional Dilemmas

Theodosia Prodromou and Tim Dunne

The data revolution has given citizens access to enormous large-scale open
databases. In order to take into account the full complexity of data, we have to
change the way we think in terms of the nature of data and its availability, the ways in
which it is displayed and used, and the skills that are required for its interpretation.
Substantial changes in the content and processes involved in statistics education are
needed. This paper calls for the introduction of new pedagogical constructs and
principles needed in the age of the data revolution. The paper deals with a new
construct of statistical literacy. We describe principles and dispositions that will
become the building blocks of our pedagogical model. Our model suggests that
effective engagement with large-scale data, modelling and interpretation situations
requires the presence of knowledge-bases as well as supporting dispositions.