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Research Papers from The Third International Conference on Teaching Statistics (ICOTS III)

International Study Group for Research on Learning Statistics
Garfield, J. B.
Third International Conference on Teaching Statistics
Dunedin, New Zealand

This packet is a collection of several separate papers from ICOTS III. It includes the following papers: - A Complementarity Between Intuitions and Mathematics, by Manfred Borovnik (ID 811) - What's Typical? Children's Ideas about Average, by Janice R. Mokros, Susan Jo Russell, Amy Shulman Weinberg and Lynne L. (ID 804) - The loss of intuition - A lesson for the school teacher?, by F. R. Jolliffe (ID 809) - Assessment of the understanding of statistical concepts, by F. R. Jolliffe (ID 812) - Exploring the Stability of Students' Conceptions of Probability, by Joan Garfield and Robert delMas - The Use of Multiple Items to Identify Misconceptions in Probabilistic Reasoning, by Robert delMas and Joan Garfield (ID 471) - Use of the arithmetic mean: An investigation of four properties issues and preliminary results, by Marjorie Roth Lean and Judith Zawojewski (ID 805) - The origin of inconsistencies in probabilistic reasoning of novices, by Clifford Konold, Alexander Pollatsek, Arnold Well and Jill Hendrickson (ID 810) - A longitudinal study of pupils' probability concepts, by David Green (ID 807) - Use of the Chance-Concept in Everyday Teaching - Aspects of a Socially Constituted Epistemology of Mathematical Knowledge, by Heinz Steinberg (ID 808) - Learning about sampling: Trouble at the core of statistics, by Andee Rubin, Bertram Bruce and Yvette Tenney (ID 806)