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Project Starc: Statistical reasoning in the classroom

Gal, I., & Wagner, D. A.

This report presents research, materials development, and dissemination activities conducted in year 2 of the Project (May 1, 1991, to May 1, 1992). In general, most efforts in year 2 were devoted to research activities in accordance with the original Project plan. This plan called for completion of data-collection for the research component of the Project by the end of year 2, with year 3 expected to be devoted to writing of research reports and development of training materials. [Research activities in year 2 were for the most part a direct continuation of work done in year 1. To enable the reader to understand the current status of the Project (as opposed to what was done in year 2 only), we have chosen, wherever appropriate, to combine descriptions of year 1 and year 2 activities]