Opening Real Science: Evaluation of an Online Module on Statistical Literacy for Pre-Service Primary Teachers

Ayse Aysin Bombaci Bilgin, Elizabeth Date-Huxtable, Carmel Coady, Vincent Geiger, Michael Cavanagh, Joanne Mulligan, and Peter Petocz

Opening Real Science (ORS) is a three-year government initiative developed as
part of the Mathematics and Science Teachers program. It is a collaboration across
universities involving teacher educators, scientists, mathematicians, statisticians and
educational designers aimed at improving primary and secondary pre-service
teachers’ competence and confidence in mathematics and science. The ORS project
has developed 25 online learning modules for pre-service teacher programs.
Statistical literacy is prioritised. The Statistical Literacy Module for Primary
Teachers (SL-P) adopts an inquiry-based approach and uses resources and contexts
relevant to their practice. This paper documents the development and evaluation
process of SL-P from its conception to implementation, and reviews the initial trials .