Inquiry and the development of teaching

Nelson, B. S.
Center for the Development of Teaching, Education Development Center, Inc. , Newton, MA

Six years after the publication of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics; (NCTM's) Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics, which set the course for a new era of mathematics education reform, professional development for mathematics teachers has moved tothe center of the reform agenda. The argument adequately power the reforms (Cohen, 1990; Little, 1993; Lord, 1994). Rather, they depend on the transformation of teaching in the nation's many classrooms. Many teachers have embarked on the project of changing their teaching toward that envisioned in the Standards. Their work leads us to the follwoing questions: Where are we in our understanding of the nature of this process? How can we help teachers in their efforts to invent a new form of teaching? and How can we continue to learn about what such invention entails?

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