A curriculum of probability and statistics in Italian secondary school (11-14)

The Second International Conference on Teaching Statistics, 1986
D'Argenzio, P., & Pesarin, F.
Davidson, R., & Swift, J.
The Second International Committee on Teaching Statistics
Victoria, B.C.

No real introduction of statistics and probability into the classroom was really ever put into effect. The reasons for this are manifold. Teachers to whom the task of teaching statistics and probability is assigned, are in effect these who also have to teach mathematics, the natural sciences, physics and chemistry. In Italy there are no degree courses of a widely-varying subject matter ..., for which reason teachers come from degree courses of a much more specific nature such as mathematics, physics or chemistry. Thus we have tried to present the problem and bring the solution into prospect which, if clear and correct at the level of subject matter and didactics, would also in addition possess the characteristics for concrete realisation and hence generalisation for the greatest possible number of situations and teachers. Experimentation has also been carried out on the proposed curriculum in order to test not just certain aspects of content but also methodology and those aspects related to "time-linked resources".

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