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Cooperative learning experiences in introductory statistics

American Educational Research Association
Potthaust, M. J.
Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association
San Francisco, CA

There have been few studies which presented specific cooperative learning techniques for statistics classes (Garfield, 1993; Dietz, 1993; Jones, 1991), but there is a paucity of these. Moreover, not all of the listed studies attempted to quantitatively evaluate effects (academic or otherwise) of the cooperative strategies by using a comparison group. Therefore, the present study piloted some additional cooperative strategies in order to share their content and their strengths and weaknesses among the community of statistics educators. Moreover, the study examined effects of cooperative learning on achievement and attitude by comparing those who received cooperative education with a control group. Finally, the study provided an alternative course opportunity for students. Not everyone has the same learning style and cooperative learning can be a valuable tool for supporting learning by diverse students.