Journal Article

  • This article presents two statistical tasks, one on comparing data sets, another on repeated sampling, both of which have powerful connections to proportional reasoning. Students' work and reasoning on these tasks are included, as well as suggestions for ways to use these tasks with middle school students to connect statistical thinking to proportional reasoning.

  • In preparing business majors, schools of business have a special responsibility to ensure that students are equipped with the technological and mathematical skills they will need to compete in the worldwide marketplace. This article describes an innovative instructional paradigm for teaching business statistics. This paradigm harnesses the latest classroom technologies and integrates these technologies with established principles of learning. The paradigm also implements the mathematical and technological recommendations put forward by the National Research Council of the National Academy of Science. Evaluation data from both instructor and student perspectives are reported.

  • Discusses the importance of numeracy with the national focus on global competitiveness and a reemphasis on the importance of lifelong learning. Discusses several initiatives and groups dealing with adult numeracy issues.