Supporting Mentored Undergraduate Research in Statistics

Joan Combs Durso, Betsy Bersson, Ed Tam, Yue Jiang (Duke University)


Today, whether they plan to go into industry or graduate school, undergraduates in statistics are asking for more mentored research opportunities, while graduate students need research mentoring skills and practice. Successful mentored research experiences require preparing mentors, choosing the right projects to accommodate mixed levels of experience, supporting group work, and careful planning of interactions and reflection. This session shares practical lessons learned from doctoral student mentors of two types of undergraduate research projects in statistics, a faculty P.I., and a program facilitator. Session participants will practice and compile a set of useful ideas and principles to apply in their own mentoring or planning mentoring programs for, undergraduates doing research in statistics. Participants will also increase their network of other individuals supporting mentored research for undergraduates. Techniques from Wisconsin’s Center for the Improvement of Mentored Experiences in Research will be practiced.