Grading for Equity: Reflections and Strategies from the 2021 USCOTS reading group member

Marian Frazier (Wooster), Jennifer Ward (Clark), Anne-Sophie Charest (Laval), Scott Fallstrom (Mira Costa), Jo Hardin (Pomona), Jack Miller (UMich), Kathy Rogotzke (North IA), Kelly Spoon (San Diego)


As part of USCOTS 2021, a group of eight faculty participated in a reading group for the book Grading for Equity by Joe Feldman. Based on their diverse course environments, the participants implemented different “grading for equity” practices inspired by the book and their associated conversations. In this session, the book club participants will share their experiences using these practices, including both “small changes” and “big changes” that upend traditional assessments. Throughout multiple breakout sessions, you’ll share equitable grading practices you already employ and discuss how you might implement or modify equitable grading practices to suit your unique classroom. A Google Doc with small-group notes will be made available during and after the session.