Normalizing Data Investigations of Systemic Racism in Teacher Education Content Courses

Travis Weiland (University of Houston), Ksenija Simic-Muller (Pacific Lutheran University), Anthony Fernandes (University of North Carolina Charlotte)


Statistical literacy is critical for people in today’s society that is drowning in data (and a lack thereof). In this session, we will discuss an ongoing project to support student’s development of statistical literacy by normalizing data investigations of issues of systemic racism in content courses for teachers and future teachers. Investigations of race and racism have been found consistently to be absent from most statistics textbooks even though it is an issue prevalent in society. We will present the framework we use, building off of the statistical investigative process from the GAISE Reports, to design statistical investigations for use in classes. We will then provide examples of investigations we have designed and used in courses and have participants work through part of those investigation in breakout rooms.  We will then have participants reflect on the activity together. We will end with some lessons learned and future directions.