Disseminating Passion-Driven Statistics: Instructor experiences and strategies for implementing a project-based introductory course

Presented by:

Kristin Woods, Southwestern Oklahoma State University and Lisa Dierker, Wesleyan University (PI, NSF Award # 1323084)


This workshop will expose participants to an NSF funded, multi-disciplinary, project-based model for teaching introductory statistics. The curriculum is being used at 4-year colleges and universities, community colleges, as well as at the high school level. Instructors who are implementing the course will share materials and discuss teaching strategies. The curriculum is aimed at taking advantage of students' natural curiosity and providing a common language for approaching questions across numerous scientific disciplines. Core features of this curriculum include providing opportunities for students to flexibly apply their knowledge, the use of real world data, computing as a window to core statistical concepts, and supporting students with varying levels of preparation. Following an overview of the course, instructors will participate in a panel discussion about their experiences. Audience members will be asked to share their own experiences with using real world data in their statistics courses and the benefits and barriers they have encountered. Strategies for shared support of project-based learning classrooms will be planned.



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