Engaging Business Students with a T-Shirt Marketing Project Using Excel

Presented by:

Georgette Nicolaides, Syracuse University


The introductory course is typically taught in the sophomore year in most business schools using a business-oriented textbook. Since most students have little-to-no work experience at that stage of their education, the challenges of learning the material are exacerbated. Throw in the requirement to use Excel, which is not statistics-education-friendly, and many students dread the course. In Fall 2015, sophomores in an introductory course at the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University participated in a semester-long team project that immediately applied the course material to a simplified marketing research project for a new SU t-shirt. The students rotated roles within the team, thus sharing leadership responsibilities, and each student had the responsibility to analyze some of the data, ensuring full participation. The poster will include links to project handbooks for both students and faculty.



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