Teaching in a Flipped, Hybrid, or Online Statistics Classroom: Practical Considerations

Presented by:

Todd A. Schwartz & Jane Monaco, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


This poster should be useful for statistics instructors considering various options for updating an existing statistics course or developing a new one. Many statistics instructors are moving away from traditional classroom lecturing, and moving toward online, hybrid, or flipped formats. Under these formats, students are expected to view pre-videorecorded lectures, whereas active learning strategies are implemented during the in-class time. This poster presents practical considerations, best practices, and lessons learned in teaching statistics under a flipped/hybrid/online format as technology, online resources, and student expectations continue to evolve. The poster will describe 1) available technologies (desktop recording software, grading options, and classroom technology), with information on ease of use, compatibility, and cost; 2) useful existing resources; 3) roadblocks occurring when students or administrators are reluctant to embrace the format; and 4) the time commitment for updating or developing such a course using this type of format.


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Teaching a Flipped or Blended Course