Using the SAMR model to evaluate technological innovations

Presented by:

Paul Hewson, Plymouth University


The SAMR model Substitution, Augmentation, Modification and Redefinition proposed by Puentedura allows educators to critique the way computer technology is being used to enhance the learning experience. This poster will make the obvious illustration whereby Substitution is where we use a computer to do calculations step by step replicating more traditional pen and paper (+calculator) procedures. Augmentation could relax on procedural knowledge of step by step calculations, maybe use visual images to understand calculations but would prioritise use of computers to "produce" output which can be interpreted. Modification would take this a step further where there is a concentration on real world problems using "real" data. Finally, there has been a lot of interest in redefinition whereby entirely conceptual approaches can be taught using approaches such as the bootstrap or randomization tests. This poster will then consider the way we use assessment technology such as clickers and evaluate their use in the light of the SAMR model. We have a particular interest in computer based assessment using methods such as concept tests and assertion reason testing.


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