Getting Past the Gatekeeper: Does Randomization-Based Curriculum in Introductory Statistics Promote Student Success?

Presented by:

Laura Hildreth, Jim Robison-Cox & Jade Schmidt, Montana State University


Over the past decade, randomization-based curriculum has gained prominence over the traditional, algebra-based curriculum in teaching introductory statistics. The purpose of this study is to compare pass rates of introductory statistics students taught using the traditional curriculum or one of several variants of the randomization-based curriculum. We use data collected from over 2500 students enrolled in a large multi-section introductory statistics course at a land grant university collected over five semesters, fall 2013 through fall 2015. We use generalized linear mixed models to compare pass rates across curricula. Initial results indicate improved pass rates for students under the randomization-based curriculum compared to the traditional curriculum.



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