eCOTS 2016 - Panel - Teaching Data Science

Presented by:

Nicholas Horton, Jeff Leek, Deb Nolan, and Hunter Glanz


This panel will discuss teaching data science, and in particular will address the following topics:

  • What does it mean to “teach data science”? How does it differ from teaching statistics/teaching data analysis? How does it differ from giving students a bunch of cool tools? How do we keep up with the rapidly changing technology?
  • How do we assess students’ data science skills? How can faculty become better prepared to do so?
  • How do we find/generate lots of applied projects/case studies that are of real interest/application to either scientists, business, or entrepreneurs so students can work on them?
  • How can we work together as undergraduate and graduate schools teaching data science so that students get a smooth transition?


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Teaching Data Science