eCOTS 2016 - Panel - Teaching with Technology: Free and Simple

Presented by:

Sasha Friedman, Brooke Orosz, Matt Teachout, and Doug Tyson


This panel will help us discover how “keeping it free and simple” can make technology beneficial in situations where budgetary resources and instructor time are scarce. Importantly, the panel will address when these free-and-simple tools are effective and when they are not; how to make them simple for the both the instructor and the students; the pitfalls that can arise when technology is not integrated with your environment and pedagogical plan; and how to find and select the most appropriate technology for a particular course. Technologies discussed will include phone apps that allow instructors to quickly and easily poll their classes without the cost of stand-alone clickers; web apps that conduct all of the analyses and simulations called for in the intro class; web apps designed to illustrate concepts from confidence intervals to the perils of haphazard sampling; and complete “course packets” of free online activities.


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Teaching with Technology: Free and Simple