Less Volume, More Creativity – Getting Started Teaching with R

Presented by:

Randall Pruim (Calvin College) & Nicholas Horton (Amherst College)


Because R is such a comprehensive and powerful statistical platform, it can be overwhelming to beginning students and faculty. Our experience has shown that a key to successfully integrating R into a course is the adoption of a Less Volume, More Creativity approach. We will outline what that approach entails, and demonstrate it by introducing key features of the mosaic package that empower students to create numerical and graphical summaries of data and perform statistical inference without overwhelming them with too much volume.


  • Slides (web)
  • A set of accounts have been created on a series of RStudio servers for the duration of eCOTS 2016. See http://tinyurl.com/ecots-rstudio for an editable google drive file with login information.


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Teaching with R