In-class Activities and Out-of-class Videos with Embedded Quizzes Encourage Student Engagement

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Ginger Holmes Rowell, Lisa Green, Nancy McCormick & Scott McDaniel, Middle Tennessee State University


The American Statistical Association endorses the Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education recommendations, which include using active learning to teach concepts in introductory statistics effectively. With current support from a National Science Foundation Transforming Undergraduate Education in STEM Grant and prior support from an MTSU Instructional Technologies Development Grant, MTSU faculty developed a “Modules for Teaching Statistics with Pedagogies using Active Learning” (MTStatPAL) Workbook using well-established engaging learning materials, lesson openers to help students review material and to connect concepts throughout the semester, and out-of-class videos with embedded quizzes to help instructors effectively use active learning to teach important concepts in introductory statistics. Each module also includes teacher materials with a script for the instructor, a video of an experienced teacher using the materials in an actual class, a pre or post class activity such as a homework video with embedded quizzes to supplement the in-class activity. These materials and pedagogies were implemented in all sections of Introductory Statistics at a large university. The project team has studied how the elements of the introductory statistics learning ecology (tasks students solve, kinds of classroom discourse, norms of participation, tools used for learning, and the practical ways the teacher orchestrates relations between these elements) are impacted by the implementation of these materials. Data were collected using the student surveys, teacher interviews, and pre- and post-test results. This presentation will share resources and lessons learned from the experiences of changing the teaching culture from one of isolation to one of sharing that experience with all the other introductory statistics teachers. The session will provide opportunities for participants to discuss successful approaches they have used to overcome challenges in engaging students in learning statistics.


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