Sponsor Session - How Do You FlipIt?: A New Project and Platform for Introductory Statistics, from WH Freeman/Macmillan Learning

Presented by:

Leslie Hendrix & Brian Habing - W.H. Freeman/Macmillan Learning


Please join WH Freeman/Macmillan Learning to learn about our new project in development, FlipIt Statistics. FlipIt Statistics will be text-agnostic, for anyone to use as a supplemental or stand-alone teaching and learning resource. The main goal of FlipIt Statistics is to increase interactive learning time in the classroom, with the understanding that the most successful interactive learning occurs with not only students but also instructors having access to the best resources and support for fostering creative, relevant, and meaningful course time. We’d like your feedback on what we have developed thus far and your input on how best to proceed, and we hope to “see” you there!



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Teaching a Flipped or Blended Course