Prospective Teachers' Use of Dynamic Statistics Software

Presented by:

Randall Groth, Salisbury University


A great deal of work has been done to make dynamic statistics software widely available for classroom use. Such software affords instructional opportunities not available with more conventional tools. In order to maximize the impact the software may have on student learning, it is important for the design of teacher education experiences to keep pace with software design efforts. This presentation brings to light considerations to take into account in improving teachers' abilities to leverage dynamic statistics software to its fullest extent. In particular, it describes several prospective teachers' uses of TinkerPlots. Examples of how they used TinkerPlots to conduct their own statistical investigations and also how they used it to teach lessons to middle school students will be discussed. These examples are drawn from a course dedicated to developing participants' statistical knowledge for teaching and also from a summer undergraduate research experience in statistics education. In the process of considering specific cases of TinkerPlots use, broader implications will be drawn about components of teacher education that are necessary in order to develop teachers' statistical knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and technological knowledge.


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