Beyond the Introductory Course: Strategies for a Second Course in Statistics

Moderated by:

Shonda Kuiper and Robin Lock


In recent years, much effort and discussion has focused on improving introductory statistics courses. Enrollments in such courses are up and more students are leaving the course with a better appreciation for statistics and a desire to learn more. The AP Statistics program continues to grow, with more students arriving on campus with a solid background in the introductory topics and ready for more. Students and faculty in other disciplines are more likely to recognize the value in getting more training in statistics. All these factors point towards offering statistics courses that go beyond a first course and are accessible to wide range of students from that course. This session will allow discussion among participants about questions that might arise when developing a second statistics course. What topics/concepts should be covered in a second course? What themes (e.g. modeling, adjusting for sources of variability, multivariate thinking, experimental design, dealing with messy data, …) are most appropriate? Where do such courses fit in the curriculum and how do we attract students to take them? How can we use technology to make more advanced statistical ideas and techniques accessible to students with only one intro course as background? What resources are available to help develop such courses?

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