Using Technology to Promote Engagement in Online Statistics Courses

Moderated by:

Stacy Bjorkman, Meredith L McKee, Jane Oppenlander and Phylise Banner


Statistics is a challenging, and often daunting, subject area for many college students, regardless of the delivery format. For a variety of reasons, students taking statistics in an online format may experience increased anxiety, frustration, and low performance. This birds-of-a-feather discussion will offer statistics educators a forum to exchange best practices for engaging students in the online/blended classroom, and will allow participants to discuss the challenges and benefits of statistics courses offered in an online format. Participants will be asked to come prepared to share best practices, resources, and/or demonstrations that can be used in online statistics courses. Discussion topics can include: transforming your in-person class to an on-line class, how to utilize on-line discussions to teach statistical concepts, engaging data sets and videos, and how to create your own audio and video resources. Discussion facilitators will compile notes and resources to share with the group and other conference attendees after the discussion.

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