Caption Contest - May 2020 - Results

The May caption contest featured a cartoon showing a nineteenth century scene with two men in a sword fight. Next to one man is a graph showing a strong negative relationship between two variables, while next to the other man is a graph showing a strong positive association.

The winning caption for the May contest was "Sports disputes settled by saber-metrics" by Larry Lesser from The University of Texas at El Paso. Larry's caption is a clever way to introduce the new statistical field of sabermetrics.

Honorable mentions go to several captions related to ways to use the cartoon to introduce the idea of Simpson's Paradox and how a confounding variable might change the direction of an association. "The statisticians were on the fence concerning the direction of the relationship of the data. Foiled again!" written by Alan Chesen from Wright State University and "The power of confounding" written by Ellen Considine, a student at University of Colorado at Boulder, and "Simpson's Paradox creates dueling theories of causation" by an anonymous contributor.