March 2024 - Results

March Results: 

The March caption contest cartoon is shown above. The judges found the winning caption to be “Left unsupervised, confounding children will turn raw data into processed junk” submitted by Grant Zou a student at the University of Virginia.  Grant’s caption illustrates the idea that an inappropriate process of collecting data may be a confounder in its interpretation.  An honorable mention this month goes to an anonymous submission for the caption "Tossing out the outliers does not leave you will a healthy data set.,”  similar to the winning caption this one, focusing on outliers, helps in discussing the idea that grabbing just the data you want does not provide a representative sample.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a caption and congratulations to our winners!

Finally, we would like to recognize the great work of Gary Hatfield from South Dakota State University who is retiring this semester and leaving the caption contest judging panel after eight years.  If you would like to take part in the judging of the CAUSE caption contest please email Dennis Pearl at by April 20th.