Caption Contest - March 2020 - Results

There were 37 entries in the March caption contest that featured a cartoon showing two people in a living room including a man looking up from a newspaper and a woman looking out the window. Outside the window is a man pointing to the results on a comparative bar graph – the Y-axis and the color coding for the two types of bars are not shown.

The winning caption for the March contest was "I just realized that I forgot my key," written by Jason Hu, a student at Strath Haven High School in Pennsylvania. The pun on the need for a key in the graph, and the possibility that the person with the chart is locked out of the house, makes a nice way to support a discussion of the importance of properly labelling any graphical display.

An honorable mention goes to the caption "The difficulties of teaching statistics face-to-face during the COVID-19 quarantine," a timely caption written by Eric Vance, an instructor from University of Colorado, Boulder. A second honorable mention goes to Mickey Dunlap from University of Georgia for his caption "Statistics: A window into our lives," which uses the cartoon to illustrate the idea that statistics is broadly applicable to real-world problem solving.