Caption Contest - February 2020 - Results

There were 36 entries in the February caption contest that featured a cartoon showing two groups of people on two overlooks by a bay or ocean beach. One group has six diverse individuals standing on somewhat brown grass, while the other group has five men all about the same height and wearing identical clothes standing on very green grass.

There were two winning captions for the February contest. The first was "6 variables and 5 dummies," written by Dominic Matriccino, a student at the University of Virginia. The caption is designed to support a discussion of using dummy variables to code for categories of a categorical variable in a regression model (e.g. 5 are needed when there are 6 categories).

The second winner was "The grass really is greener on the homogeneity side," written by Jennifer Ann Morrow, an instructor from University of Tennessee. Jennifer's cartoon caption can be used in discussing the importance of within-group variability in judging differences between groups and the difficulty when the groups being compared have different levels of variability.