Caption Contest - December 2020 - Results

There were 25 entries for the December caption contest that featured a cartoon showing a sports stadium where the ground cover was being installed. But half of the installation being rolled out was for a football field and the other half was for a tennis court.

The winning caption for the December contest was "split-plot designs are important in the field," written by Larry Lesser from The University of Texas at El Paso. Larry's caption can be used to discuss designs when one factor is harder to vary than others (and the root of the term "split-plot design" in agriculture).

An honorable mention this month goes to John McSweeny, a student at Penn State University for his caption "Well, the sample had Football and Tennis tied for most the popular sport so here you go," that would aid in discussing how the results of surveys are used. A second honorable mention goes to an anonymous submitter for their caption: "Errors in merging data can really have a negative impact on reporting the score!," which can be used in a data science-oriented class discussing merging different data sets.