Caption Contest - August 2020 - Results

There were 61 entries for the August caption contest that featured a cartoon showing a nearly empty auditorium except for three audience members sitting far apart from each other and wearing masks and four people on stage wearing masks and sitting in front of computers. There are Olympics rings on the wall behind them.

The winning caption for the August contest was "With the 2020 Olympic athletes sidelined by the pandemic, the statistical community takes center stage in modeling and vaccine research." Written by Jim Alloway of EMSQ Associates. Jim's caption is a nice way to introduce the value of statistics in studying the spread of infectious diseases.

An honorable mention goes to Avery Camac, a student at Penn State University for the caption "The audience was at full capacity because they must stay 6 standard deviations apart!" that can be used in general discussions about the rarity of values being so far apart in a population distribution.

A second honorable mention goes to an anonymous contributor with the caption "The Venn Diagram competition in the age of COVID sold about as many tickets as could be expected" to introduce the use of Venn diagrams in visualizing probabilities.