April 2024 - Results

April Results:   
The April caption contest cartoon is shown above. The judges found the winning caption to be “Ever since they made the minimum load size 30, the Central Laundry Theorem has never been so pronounced!” submitted by Grant Zou a student at the University of Virginia.  Grant’s caption illustrates the idea that the normal approximation works better for larger samples.  An honorable mention this month goes to Dashiell Young-Saver, an instructor at IDEA South Flores High School for the caption "I told them to use the 'delicates' cycle, but I guess they set it to normal!”  and to Alden, a student at  Friends Seminary for the caption “normal or not -- you've got to keep the data clean,” with both captions useful for conversations about the normal approximation for data and cleaning messy data.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a caption and congratulations to our winners!

Finally, we would like to note that this month saw more than thirty student entries - kudos to the instructors using the contest as a fun activity in their courses.