Caption Contest - April 2017 - Results

We had 22 submissions for the April caption contest that featured a cartoon showing a large number of people being washed away on a rapid stream while helicopters worked to rescue some of them.

The winning caption for the cartoon was: “With only a limited number of helicopters, search and rescue had to randomly sample from a ‘pool’ of subjects,” written by Mickey Dunlap from University of Georgia. The caption was chosen for it’s clever pun and ability to begin a discussion on the importance of efficiency in sampling.

A number of honorable mentions were also well received by the judges including:

  • “Better to ask for help BEFORE you're drowning in data!,” written by Larry Lesser from University of Texas at El Paso.
  • “I guess I should have asked for more details before signing up for this "Streaming Data" workshop,” written by Chris Lacke from Rowan University.
  • “On reflection, random sampling WITH replacement might not have been appropriate in this scenario,” written by Aaron Profitt from God’s Bible School and College.