2021 Fall USRESP Winners

Standing Authors Title Institution Faculty Sponsor Project
1st Linda Tang Psychiatric Comorbidity In Opioid Use Treatment Outcomes Duke University Yue Jiang View
2nd Lillian Clark Waiting For Trial: A Case Study Of Detention Times Prior To Sentencing Duke University Yue Jiang View
3rd Katherine Keegan, Tanvi Vishwanath, & Yihua Xu A Tensor SVD-Based Classification Algorithm Applied To fMRI Data Mary Baldwin University, Texas A&M University, & Georgia Institute Of Technology Elizabeth Newman View
Honorable Mention Kenny Chen An Evaluation Of Regularization Methods: When There Are More Predictors Than Observations Amherst College Nicholas Horton View
Honorable Mention Andrea Mock A Quantitative Analysis Of Commencement Speeches Wellesley College Cassandra Pattanayak View