2018 Spring USRESP Winners

Standing Authors Title Institution Faculty Sponsor Project
1st Jonathan Che Cross-Validation for Model Assessment and Selection with Extensions to Spatial Data Amherst College Albert Y Kim View
1st Emily Kaegi, Clara Livingston, Nick Fredrickson, & Alana Danieu Survey Designs for Distance Sampling: A Study of Zebra Mussels Carleton College Katie St. Clair View
3rd Tianyi Shi Quantifying Poetic Style: A Machine Learning-Based Approach to Poem/Poet Identification Yale University Susan Wang View
3rd Linden Yuan Semiparametric Mixture Regression under a Symmetric Unimodal Error Distribution University of Maryland, College Park Ao Yuan View
Honorable Mention Phuc Nguyen & Jina Park Examining Crime Hotspots in Chicago Using Bayesian Statistics Macalester College Alicia Johnson View
Honorable Mention Angie Shen Exploring Geometric Anisotropy for Point-Referenced Spatial Data Duke University Alan Gelfand View
Honorable Mention Li Fan & Haolin Chen The Precocity-Longevity Hypothesis and Immortal Time Bias Macalester College Vittorio Addona View