2015 USCLAP Winners

Standing Authors Title Category Institution Instructor Mentor Project
First Place

Matthew Quinn
Stephanie Stacy

Predictors for Winning in Men’s Professional Tennis Intermediate Williams College Wendy Wang View 
Second Place Lorena Maxwell Bayesian Analysis of Gender Bias in Jury Selection Intermediate Rose-Hulman Eric Reyes View 
Third Place Fangbo Xu
Jia Liu
Ran Bi
Electricity Consumption in Chicago Intermediate UCLA Dai-Trang Le View 
First Place Alex Schmiechen
Zina Ibrahim
Examining Alternative Estimators Through a Simulation Study in R Theoretical Grinnell College Shonda Kuiper View 
Second Place Vinicius Taguchi
Julia Rao
Kevin Chapman
The Effects of Varying Weight and Height on Parachute Men Drops Theoretical North Carolina State University Charles Smith View 
Third Place Blake Bingel
Jhorkys Katherine Estrella
Ryan Stojak
Predicting Fuel Economy of Conventionally Powered 2015 Vehicles Theoretical Florida State University Naomi Brownstein View 

First Place

Johannes Ferstad
Thomas Savage
Large Differences in County-Level Mortality Rates Related to Race and Economic Advantage

No Calc


Amherst College Amy Wagaman View 
Second Place Zack Davis
Clark Fancher
Josh Vernazza
An Examination of Age of First Drink and Effects of Church Attendance by Gender Intermediate
No Calc
Grinnell College Shonda Kuiper View