We-03: Learning Design and Student Behavior in a Fully Online Course

By Anelise Sabbag (California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo)


Instructors have been forced to teach online because of COVID, so now that you have some experience with online teaching why not take the next step and try to improve your online course by expanding student opportunities to work with each other and with you? This poster will help you to better understand how students might interact with resources in an online course and give you an idea of a novel way of using assignments to engage with your students. In this poster, we will explore aspects of an asynchronous and fully online introductory statistics course with a collaboration component (Collaborative Keys). We will examine how students interacted with the Collaborative Keys and what resources they accessed before, during, and after the completion of these assignments. This poster will also show how students’ access to and preference for course resources changed throughout the quarter.


We-03 - Learning Design and Student Behavior in a Fully Online Course.pdf