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View Resource Song: Means Will Follow You

A song describing how sample means will follow the normal curve regardless of how skewed the population histogram is, provided n is very large.
View Resource The Stat Cave Project

This NSF funded project provides worksheets and laboratories for introductory statistics. The overview page contains links to 9 worksheets that can be done without technology, which address the...
View Resource Song: Where Have All the Students Gone

A song parody about how teachers lament that their students do not learn to think. Yet the exams they give only test memorization of rote facts. May be sung to the tune of Pete Seeger's "Where...
View Resource Understanding the standard deviation: What makes it larger or smaller?

Using cooperative learning methods, this activity helps students develop a better intuitive understanding of what is meant by variability in statistics. Emphasis is placed on the standard deviation...
View Resource Body Measures: Exploring Distributions and Graphs Using Cooperative Learning

Using cooperative learning methods, this lesson introduces distributions for univariate data, emphasizing how distributions help us visualize central tendencies and variability. Students collect real...
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