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Statistical Topic is Probability -- Univariate Distributions -- Discrete
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View Resource Communicating With Data

This course features slide shows for each lecture and exams with solutions to teach students how to be intelligent users of management science techniques. The fundamental concepts underlying the...
View Resource Statistical Tools: Binomial Calculator

This page calculates probabilities for a binomial distribution.
View Resource DISCUSS: Discovering Important Statistical Concepts Using SpreadSheets

This collection of modules uses spreadsheets to teach statistical topics like Charts and Graphs, The Binomial Distribution, The Poisson Distribution, Sampling, Regression and Correlation, Buffon's...
View Resource Online Statistical Tools

This collection of online analysis tools allows users to compute probabilities from various distributions and to generate random numbers. Other tools include Probability and Bayes' rule calculators...
View Resource Binomial Distribution

This lesson introduces the binomial distribution and its properties and calculations. A multiple choice test is given at the end.
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