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Statistical Topic is Probability -- Univariate Distributions -- Discrete
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View Resource Cartoon: The Geometric Distribution

A cartoon to teach about the Geometric distribution. Cartoon by John Landers ( based on an idea from Pat McCann (Franklin Universiity). Free to use in the classroom and on course...
View Resource Song: One is the Likeliest Number

A song to teach about Benford's Law for the probability distribution of first digits in real data. The lyrics are copyright by Lawrence Mark Lesser as a parody of Harry Nilsson's "One" made popular...
View Resource Normal Approximation to Poisson Distribution

This applet demonstrates the Normal approximation to the Poisson Distribution. Users can set the rate, lambda (λ), and the number of trials, n, and observe how the shape of the distribution...
View Resource Galton's Board or Quincunx

This applet demonstrates the Binomial distribution by simulating Galton's Board, dropping balls through a triangular array of nails. When a ball hits a nail, it has a 50 percent chance of falling to...
View Resource **Simulating Binomial Distribution Applet

This applet simulates drawing samples from a binomial distribution. Users set the population proportion of success (pi), sample size (n), and number of samples. By clicking ?Draw Samples,? the applet...
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