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Statistical Topic is Probability -- Elementary Probability
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View Resource Independent Samples t-Test: Chips Ahoy® vs. Supermarket Brand

In this hands-on activity, students count the number of chips in cookies in order to carry out an independent samples t-test to see if Chips Ahoy® cookies have a higher, lower, or different mean ...
View Resource Cartoon: Conditional Risk

A cartoon suitable for use in teaching ideas about independence and conditional probability. The cartoon is number 795 from the webcomic series at created by Randall Munroe. Free to use in...
View Resource Cartoon: Meaning of Random

A cartoon suitable for use in teaching the difference between how the word random is used in probability compared to some uses in everyday parlance. The cartoon is number 1210 from the webcomic...
View Resource Song: 1 in 2

A song to help students confront the "equiprobability bias". Lyrics and music were written by Lawrence Mark Lesser of University of Texas at El Paso. The song won an honorable mention in the 2013...
View Resource Excel Graphical Simulations for Statistics and Probability

This extensive collection of Excel simulations includes simulations related to flipping coins, tossing die, hypothesis tests, understanding different types of distributions (including sampling...
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