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2020 Spring USRESP Winners

Standing Authors Title Institution Faculty Sponsor Project
1st Emily Patterson, Spencer Eanes, & Penelope Lancrete Factors Controlling Coral Skeletal U/Ca Ratios with Implications for their Use as a Proxy for Past Ocean Conditions St. Olaf College Anne Gothmann & Paul Roback View
2nd Aleksander Wojcik, Paul Nguyen, Samuel Olson A Comparison of Forest Estimations: Post-Stratification & Generalized Regression Estimators Reed College Kelly McConville View
3rd Matthew Dunham Exploratory Factor Analysis of the Student Survey of Motivational Attitudes Toward Statistics California State University, Monterey Bay Alana Unfried View
3rd Naomi Boss & Timothy Shinners Vote by Mail: A study on the effects of voting by mail on election turnout in Utah Reed College Kelly McConville View
Honorable Mention Kevin Ros & Henrik Olson Two-Phase Income Synthesis Using IPUMS Data Vassar College Jingchen (Monika) Hu View
Honorable Mention Jessica Bianchi Quantifying Jay Wright's Greatness Villanova University Michael Posner View