2018 Fall USRESP Winners

Standing Authors Title Institution Faculty Sponsor Project
1st Simon Couch, Zeki Kazan, & Kaiyan Shi A Differentially Private Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test Reed College Andrew Bray View
1st Jasmine Horan Fixing the Curve: Improving Major League Baseball Pitch Classification with Model-Based Clustering Amherst College Nicholas Horton View
3rd Omar Kamal & Hanao Li Predicting Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury Mortalities University of Nevada, Reno Mihye Ahn and So Young Ryu View
Honorable Mention Katya Kelly & Katie Jolly Whip It Like a (Wo)Man: Survival Analysis of Minority Contestants on MasterChef Junior Macalester College Vittorio Addona View
Honorable Mention Ademide Ajayi Using Natural Language Processing to Observe and Understand Public Opinion of the President of Nigeria Yale University Xiaofei Wang View