2017 Spring USRESP Winners

Standing Authors Title Institution Faculty Sponsor Project
1st Clara Drew The Halo Effect in Politics: The association between appearance and political success of leaders after a coup d'état Macalester College Vittorio Addona View
1st Nicholas Solomon Local Dependence in Exponential Random Network Models Reed College Albyn Jones View
3rd Xinyi Lu & David Holland Local Real-time Forecasting of Ozone Exposure using Temperature Data Duke University Alan E. Gelfand View
Honorable Mention Brittany Alexander A Bayesian Model for the Prediction of United States Presidential Elections Texas Tech University Leif Ellingson View
Honorable Mention Ruyi Shen, Graham Earley, Nikita Fomichev, & Willa Langworthy A Statistical Analysis of Network Data from Reddit Carleton College Katie St. Clair View