2013 USRESP Winners

Standing Authors Title Instructor Institution Project
2013 Undergraduate Statistics Project Competition Winners
First Place Natalie Bold Making the Grade: A Cross-National Analysis of
Teacher Training on Student Achievement Across 52 Nations
Brian Kelly Department of Economics,
Seattle University
Second Place Kristin Mara,

Rosie Roessel,
Samantha Meadows
Semiparametric Regression for Measurement of Parts Data Chin-I Cheng Department of Mathematics & Statistics,
Winona State University

Department of Mathematics, Lehigh University
Department of Mathematics,
Central Michigan University
Honorable Mention Tarah Cole Assessment of Risk Factors for Truancy of Children in Grades K-12
Using Survival Analysis
Joseph Nolan Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Northern Kentucky University View
Honorable Mention Devon Hardman An Application of Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models to Cell Culturing Studies to Assess the Efficacy of Various Media Eric Reyes Department of Mathematics, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technolog View